Mama Mentorship Project


Mama Mentorship Project

This program is an evidence-based intervention focused on improving health outcomes and financial stability for low-income mothers and their families through community-level changes. We accomplish this by using an effective curriculum, meaningful mentorships, and community engagement.

Why did we launch this?

34% of families in Navajo County living in poverty are single-mother homes.

The need is great.


Mothers who completed the program accomplished incredible feats for their families. Program graduates:

  • Secured stable employment and housing
  • Regained custody of children from DCS
  • Started working towards higher education goals
  • Improved family health and well-being
  • First steps towards goals completion
  • Obtained confidence and a sense of hope
  • Developed lasting friendships and mentor supports

The Program

  • Free dinner, childcare, and transportation (if requested)
  • Classes to help you move from poverty to prosperity
  • Help navigating our local resources that provide stability
  • Caring mentors to encourage you to reach your goals
  • Gift card incentives provided at each class
  • Provide feedback about resources to foster community change
  • Resume help, job searches, and meetings with AZ@Work to find better employment
  • Assistance in finding housing and financial aid for those who qualify
  • And much, much more!

Phase One: Getting Ahead

Getting Ahead (GA) is a well-established, evidence-based curriculum. The GA curriculum helps participants create a vision of a thriving community, learn about their resources, and address barriers to ending generational poverty. When a national study evaluated how effective this curriculum is, they discovered “statistically significant psychosocial improvements while in GA, including scores on measures of perceived stress, mental health and well-being, hope, goal-directed energy and planning, and social support.” (source)

  • 18 Weeks | Data-proven Curriculum.
  • 10 Modules (Causes of Poverty, Community Assessments, Hidden Rules in Economic Classes, Personal Plans, and more)
  • Current life and situation evaluation
  • Resourse navigation
  • First steps towards goals completion
  • Introduction of mentors
  • Graduation Ceremony

Phase Two: Staying Ahead

When mamas complete the Getting Ahead phase, mamas and mentors have the option of moving onto Staying Ahead.  Together they work toward implementing their self-identified strategies and collect data on barriers in front of them. This phase is also a time of continued education focusing on holistic health topics like boundaries, budgeting, and self-care. Through Staying Ahead, mentors learn more about long-term poverty from a different perspective. Mamas develop robust social support systems through mentor-led education and support. All program participants develop the skills needed to advocate for community change.


  • Mentor-Mentee relationship development and support
  • Continued resource navigation services
  • Coaching sessions to discuss goals and barriers
  • Monthly discussion about holistic health topics to empower lasting change.

Mission + Vision

The MAMA Program partners moms and mentors to inspire and create pathways out of poverty to prosperity.

Every mother will have every opportunity to thrive.

What Moms Say

“Honestly, my experience was life-changing. I really acquired a lot of friends and resources and just different ways to gain stability as a mom here in Arizona. MAMA isn’t just a group of single moms. It’s about connecting and networking and being able to have access to resources that you never knew you had access to.”

Get Involved

Lift up those around you. Foster community improvements. Be a part of the change YOU want to see.

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