Seeking the welfare of our community holistically through empowerment programs



A commitment to making our community better. A strong financial investment. Owning roots into our community.

In our community we have a lot of pain, unwise decisions, and country wide problems, affecting every sector on our mountain. People need resources and guidance to begin a new, more stable, lifestyle.


Coffee and Soup. Leadership Training. Daily gatherings. Resource center.

Computer access. Job training and consistent workshops. Mentoring Programs for people coming out of the prison systems and those wanting to provide a better life for their families. Resources for the homeless. Life skills workshops (home economics, etc). Youth programs. Work ethics programs.


Expanded opportunities. A place for growing together. Space for personal growth.

Our team is passionate about helping our community. We’re here for you, your family, your neighbor, and your friends. Our county resource guide and volunteers are available to those who need help navigating the system.


A welcoming atmosphere for our entire community.

Through this operation is led by theCHRUCH, it is not exclusive to those who are Christians. We love to help everyone. We welcome all people from all backgrounds without pushing any religious agenda. Christ-centered faith is an option and the basis of our framework, but not a requiremnet for participants.

Meet the team

Danielle Padilla

Navajo County RE:entry Coordinator

Devin Dillinger

RE:center Administrative Assistant

Pamela Williams

Outreach Minister

Molly McGavock

MAMA Coordinator